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Sonnet from a patient Posted on 2 Aug 2021

 Pandemic Blues (sonnet)

  Though Auden wrote a poem about his blues

He didn’t have to face such awful news

 Pandemic rampant, reaching ev’ry nation

 Mass unemployment, meaning great inflation

 New strains of virus breeding vast apace

 Affecting ev’ry region, ev’ry race.

 New vaccines struggle hard to sort this trouble

 Not ev’ryone adhering to their “bubble”

 But let’s take heart! We have our N.H.S!

 They are the saviours who’ll sort out this mess

 Ancill’ workers, neighbours are heroic

 So let’s stay calm. Be resolute. Stay stoic.

 Wash your hands, wear mask, good distance keep

 No Nessum Dorma!

 All shall safely sleep!

 (G Johnston 01/02/2021)


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